Delta Sigma Pi

Professional Business Fraternity

Alpha Epsilon

University of Minnesota



Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the ideals of studying business in universities. Through effective programming and recognition, Delta Sigma Pi promotes a culture with a sincere commitment to academic excellence. Scholarship is a value Delta Sigma Pi members exhibit every day and the rewards of good scholarship are more than an impressive grade-point average. In addition to chapter level recognitions, you can be rewarded for your academic success through scholarships made possible by the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation

Delta Sigma Pi offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships for its brothers. The fraternity as a whole offers almost 40 scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000. Scholarships are not only available for brothers at the undergraduate level; Delta Sigma Pi offers four $1,500 scholarships for graduate studies.

We also offer opportunities to find other scholarships, particularly from the College Fraternity Editors Association and the North American Interfraternal Foundation.

The Alpha Epsilon Chapter strives to award scholarships to outstanding graduating seniors in commerce, business administration, or economics, whether or not they are members of Delta Sigma Pi. The Scholarship Key is offered to every university hosting a Delta Sigma Pi chapter and has been awarded since 1912. Each year, the highest ranking graduating senior is awarded the Scholarship Key.

National Awards

R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award
Outstanding Service Award for a Collegiate Chapter
Outstanding Professional Activities Award for a Collegiate Chapter
Outstanding Scholastic Development Award for a Collegiate Chapter
Most Improved Collegiate Chapter

Inner Chapter Awards
AE27 Alumnus Rudie Janzen Award

This award is given to a brother of the chapter who exemplifies what it means to be an ideal member. Rudie Janzen is as close as one comes to being an ideal member. He created a newsletter called Bits and Pieces, later renamed the Minnesota Alumni Connection. For sixty years, Rudie Janzen contributed to the fraternity until he passed away on June 24, 1989. Rudie Janzen is survived by his wife Eleanor. Although she is not an alumnus, she has been very involved with the fraternity.

Andrew F. Kokesh (AE828) Award

This award is given in memory of our first Alpha Epsilon brother who lost his life serving our country in the Vietnam War. The chapter presents it to the graduating senior who the chapter feels has given the most to the fraternity and school throughout his/her collegiate career.